Three Inside Up Down: Definition as Candle Reversal Patterns

The stronger the uptrend, the stronger the bearish reversal will be. Additionally, the longer the second and third candlesticks are, the stronger the reversal. The three outside down candlestick is a bearish reversal with a good record of reversing the upward price trend. It has a frequency ranking of 21, so you will be able to find it easily enough
in a historical price trend or in real time. The overall performance rank could use some help, and by that I mean price does not trend as often as I would like, but the results are respectable

  • In both, a dark candlestick is followed by two white ones, or vice-versa.
  • Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.
  • Following the pattern, the price may not follow through in the direction expected at all, and may instead reverse course once again, in the direction of the original trend.
  • The Three Outside Down trading pattern occurs quite commonly in the price chart and is very easy to identify if you know what you are looking for.
  • For longer term holds, avoid those in a bull market
    after a downward breakout.

In a ranging market, the price is moving sideways between two already established boundaries. The upper boundary is the resistance zone, while the lower boundary is the support zone. When the price reaches the lower boundary, it bounces off and heads upward, and when it reaches the upper boundary, it finds it difficult to break the resistance and turns downward. Only a few sellers are still willing to sell at this point because the price has gotten so low for them to want to sell any lower. As a result, the bulls don’t have any serious resistance on their way.

Three Outside Up Candlestick Pattern

Apart from spotting the trend direction, trend lines can also act as dynamic support or resistance levels, where the price is likely to reverse. Some three candlestick patterns are reversal patterns, which signal the end of the current trend and the start of a new trend in the opposite direction. The first candle carries on the bearish trend, with the close lower than the open showing strong selling interest while raising bear confidence. The second candle starts lower but reverses, crossing through the opening tick in a display of bull power.

  • We will discuss in detail how you can use the pattern in your trading, but let’s dissect the anatomy of the pattern first.
  • It is formed when a long red candle is followed by two long green candles, with the second candle completely engulfing the first candle.
  • If you have the capacity to go short on stocks or you are trading the forex or commodity market, the best way to trade the Three Outside Down pattern is to short rallies in a downtrend.
  • “Best” means the highest rated of the four combinations of bull/bear market, up/down breakouts.
  • Since price enters the three outside up from the top and exits out the top, it is a bullish reversal in this instance.

So, while the bulls may be in control, there is some indecision on whether or not that trend will continue. The next day opens higher than the formation of the first candle. This in turn will have traders thinking the trend will continue but rather, price falls to completely cover up the first candle telling traders that there’s a reversal. Traders can view this bearish engulfing pattern and decide to get into a trade based off that pattern alone. This pattern is a bullish reversal pattern made up of another bullish reversal pattern known as the bullish engulfing pattern.

This increases bear confidence and set off selling signals, confirmed when the security posts a new low on the third candle. The security continues to post gains, lifting the price above the range of the first candle, completing a bullish outside day candlestick. This increases bull confidence and sets off buying signals, confirmed when the security posts a new high on the third candle. In essence, while the bulls may be in control, there is some indecision on whether or not that trend will continue. This in turn will have traders thinking the trend will continue but instead price falls.

Professional forex traders enter long when the price moves below and back above the pattern’s low, setting a stop loss of one ATR. Traditional and data-driven crypto traders enter long when the price moves above the third candle’s high while placing a stop loss below the second candle’s low. Feel free to ask questions of other members of our trading community. We realize that everyone was once a new trader and needs help along the way on their trading journey and that’s what we’re here for. Our watch lists and alert signals are great for your trading education and learning experience. For the three outside up pattern there should be a downtrend in place.

Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern: The Ultimate Guide

There’s a bullish candle, a large-bodied bearish candle engulfing the first, followed by a bearish candle that closes below the engulfing candle’s close. In contrast, the three outside up have a bearish candle, a significantly bullish outside day, followed by a bullish candle closing higher than the previous. Interestingly, like other bullish reversal candlestick patterns, the three outside up pattern tends to form around a known support level, and the reason is simple.

The important thing is the close of the third candle is always at a higher level than the close of the second longer bullish candle. The stop loss for a trade based on the Three Outside Up candlestick pattern can be placed below the low of the pattern to limit potential losses in case the pattern fails. Three candles on the chart identify the Three Outside Up candlestick pattern, with the second candle fully engulfing the first candle and the third candle closing above the high of the second candle.

Stop loss

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The three outside up and three outside down patterns occur frequently and are reliable indicators of a reversal. Traders can use these indicators as primary buying or selling signals but still watch for confirmations from other chart patterns or technical indicators. Another popular way of trading the Three Outside Up candlestick pattern is using the Fibonacci retracement tool. The idea here is to trade pullbacks to the moving average when the price is on an uptrend.


If you want a few bones from my Encyclopedia of candlestick charts book, here are three to chew on. The next two examples occur during an overall price rise and occur during pullbacks against that rise. Once the pattern occurs, the price begins to move higher again, although not necessarily right away. In both cases, the price pauses after the pattern before moving up.

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If there is any ambivalence, the low of the third day only confirms the coming downturn by adding a second black day. Clearly the sellers have managed to break the momentum of the buyers and taken the day. Ideally, to increase the accuracy, we want to trade the Three Outside Up candlestick pattern by combining it with other types of technical analysis or indicators. The pattern shows a high level of success when traded with the confluence of the support zone. So to take profit level, you can use the resistance zone or a trailing stop indicator to close the trade in profit.

The strong the uptrend though, the strong the bearish reversal will be. Also, the longer the second and third candles are, the stronger the reversal also. Three outside up candlestick pattern is a frequently found pattern with a moderate success ratio. The rate of success increases significantly when formed near the support zone. A longer white candle with having bullish nature will appear next to the first bearish candle.

They easily take out the few sell limit orders in the market and keep pushing the price up in search of sellers to fill their orders. Another good way to use the Three Outside Down pattern is to use it to find shorting opportunities in a range-bound market. In this case, you look for the pattern around the upper boundary of the range, which is the resistance zone. Your aim is to ride the next downswing, and the Three Outside Down pattern signals the beginning of a new downswing. The Three Outside Up pattern is a three-line pattern being an extension of the two-line Bullish Engulfing pattern. The pattern was introduced by Morris, and his intention was to improve the two-line pattern performance.

Though not ugly, the title feels disjointed and awkward, and it doesn’t convey a lovely image or idea. Yet despite its middling name, this bullish reversal pattern can help you forecast a change on the horizon. To learn more about the Three Outside Up candlestick pattern, please scroll down.

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